19 weeks pregnant mother

Question: What do mean by sub optimal in level || ultrasound

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Question: What is mean by painless labor
Answer: The meaning of pain less labour is there will be no pain aur there is not any signs that your labour pain is starting some women got symptoms like bleeding discharge and pain in abdomen but some womens do not feel anything so that they could understand that their labour pain has been started for delivery even then they have to go to the doctor if a nine month is running and they don't feel any pain they must visit doctor at her due date given by the doctor
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Question: What is mean by cervical stitch.
Answer: In cervical stitch doctors stitches the mouth of the uterus. If there is any complications in pregnancy then Dr Suggest this stitches. I also have stitches last month as I am carrying twins so to prevent pre term delivery Dr has done cervical stitch.
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Question: Bright echogenic intracardiac foci seen in left ventricle of heart... What does this mean in level 2 ultrasound ??
Answer: It means there is deposition of calcium on baby's heart.Most probably it will dilute or disappear in 3 rd trimester or after the birth of baby.Apart from this plz hv word wid ur doctor.plz don' t get tensed
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