28 weeks pregnant mother

Question: What could be the wait. Off baby. And.

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Answer: Hello as you are in your 28 week so baby weight should be 1kg..
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Question: Getting a pain on and off on the lower right side of abdomen?? What could be the reason. Should I see a doctor?
Answer: On and off pain in abdomen is normal...dont worry.... there are many changes taking place in ur body so light pains are common. .but if it is severe or accompanied by bleeding. Then plz consult doc.... otherwise normal
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Question: Hi Doctor, my palm skin is peeling off. What could be the reason?
Answer: Hi dear skin changes due to hormonal changes in your body keep your hand moisturize you can also soak them in vinegar and warm water.
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Question: My baby skin is having rashes all over body. He is 9 days old. What could be the prevention measure.? And what could be the reason
Answer: Hi dear,don't worry I'm giving u some home remedies...u can use baking soda by adding 1part of it with 3 part of water and apply it on affected area....use olive oil with honey massage will also help u....Boil some neem leaves ,strain the extract then soak a cotton ball and apply it on affected part.May it will help u,Take care.
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