30 weeks pregnant mother

Question: What are the tablets doctor recommend in 3rd trimester? I stay in foreign country just wanted to check what doctors suggest in india i tale now calcium, iron,ecosprin,and vit D capsule do doc in india suggest any thing else apart from this ?

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Answer: Hi, these are the same medicines Dr. Prescribed in India also . Iron suppliments, calcium supplements, vitamin d n follic acid supplememts.
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Question: What all medicines shud we take in first trimester apart from folvite and susten. Shud we take calcium vit d supplement too or not required.my doc has not prescribed it though
Answer: Calcium and iron supplements will be prescribed from second trimester. So in first trimester they give folic acid tablets n progesterone substitute.so don't worry, eat healthy n drink plenty fluids and take rest.
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Question: What tablets do doctors prescribe in 3rd trimester in India just wanted to check i stay abroad nd i take calcium,iron,ecosprine,susten,nd vitamin d capsules once a month
Answer: Hello dear...congrats for ur pregnancy...i am also in 3rd trimester and i am also having the same medicines as urs.
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Question: Hello mommies,,I have currently enetered in my 3rd month of pregnancy..and m still consuming folic acid tablets daily... Consumption of iron and calcium tablets is not recomended yet.is it normal and general practice followed by other doctors as well!?? Ill be undergoing and ultrasound sonography along with blood test after two weeks to check the mental growth of d baby
Answer: Yeah..it's according to gyno...after this month they ll prescribe those tablets..
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