8 months old baby

Question: What are the non veg food to eat baby

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Answer: Egg yolk, but don't offer the baby egg white till 1 year. It my cause allergy. Next chicken, next seafood
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    Dharshu Karthik604 days ago

    Egg white is good but yolk is dangerous for baby

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Question: Do i eat non veg food
Answer: Hi yes you can have non veg food there is no problem to have non veg food during pregnancy just make sure your having them fresh and cooking them lightly without much Spice and oil .. Hope this helps!
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Question: What are non veg food to eat after 4 week of pregnancy??
Answer: Hello Chicken dishes During pregnancy, chicken is one of the safest non-vegetarian dishes you can consume. However, make sure that you do not indulge in spicy chicken treats as it could lead to an upset stomach. Mild chicken dishes like Malai chicken is good for pregnant women. Turkey treats Turkey is yet another lean non-vegetarian food you can consume during pregnancy. Turkey sandwiches or turkey roast is a safer option for you to enjoy in a minimum amount during pregnancy. Lamb curry Lamb is a soft non-vegetarian food you can consume during pregnancy. It is rich in proteins and vitamins too. It is advisable for pregnant women to have mutton when compared to any other meat during pregnancy. Eggs scrambled/boiled The white of an egg is rich in calcium and will help the foetus's growth. Egg white should be consumed by the pregnant mother for breakfast with a cup of milk. Tuna sandwich Tuna sandwiches is one of the cravings most pregnant women face at the time of pregnancy. Tuna sandwiches should be consumed to a minimum as it very high in Omega-6 fatty acids which is not good at the time of pregnancy. Beef roast The delicious beef roast is yet another pregnancy craving which most pregnant women face. Red meat should be consumed in a very less quantity as it is high in cholesterol levels which can make you put on excess weight during pregnancy. Non-vegetarian Soups It is the best non-vegetarian food you can consume during pregnancy. Soups are high in Vitamins A and C. It also contains iron which is good for the foetus growth. Fish fingers There are some pregnant women who do not like the smell of fish. However, fish fingers is a healthy non-vegetarian food to consume during pregnancy.
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Question: Can breastfeeding mom eat non veg food
Answer: I can understand your anxiety. Non veg is hard to digest, it will cause indigestion and gas formation in baby. Take food that can be easily digested. Take care.
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