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Question: Weight cha delivery sathi problems yeto ka

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Question: Baby chya potty cha smell ka yeto
Answer: Dear gas in baby's tummy can cause smell in poty. So dont worry just feed baby frequently and also apply some hing mixed with water on baby's tummy. It will give relief to baby..
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Question: normal delivery sathi kay karawe
Answer: You need to take right care of your health during your pregnancy to ensure natural delivery. If you have not any complication till the end of your pregnancy you can go for normal delivery. @ first of all you should take right care of your diet. Take good diet include fruits and veggie in your diet. @ Maintain an active lifestyle and yoga and regular walk while y ou are pregnant. before doing any yoga or exercise consult with your doctor first. @ increase your water intake. Drink at least 8 to 10 glass water daily. @ avoid eating sea food. And also avoid fast food and meat these are very dangerous for inborn baby. @ avoid gaining too much of weight during pregnancy.
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Question: Baby potty cha smell yeto
Answer: Hello! There is no problem if the baby potty smells. It is fine as long as there are no other problem. Take care
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