11 months old baby

Question: Weaning off breastfeed

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Answer: Dearie breast milk is the most nutritious value for a baby so keep on giving breast milk at least till 18 month and if it is not possible due to some reasons then start meaning of baby feed by feed, try to make her interest moin semi solid and keep her full so that she don't demand breast milk and then we first feed of day keep on going like this then wean second feed of day, in this way you can gradually wean your baby off breastfeed..tc
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Question: Weaning off 2 yr old
Answer: Increase the quantity of solid foods: Rice water, dal water, fruit juices, boiled potato, boiled sweet potato, veg juice, spinach soup, soji kheer, sagoo kheer, babana, yellow portion of banana, dal rice, mong dal khichadi, buffalo milk without water, payasam / kheer, idli, upma n ragi malt Whenever ask for feed, give milk in sippy cup, coloful cup n encourage to drink by self
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Question: Weaning breastfeed
Answer: Hello dear. Here are a few tips. Offer a bottle in the evening after the regular feeding to get him used to the nipple. Start with a small amount of breast milk – about half an ounce. Try a slowf-flow nipple. Let someone else feed him the first bottle. Try to be out of the house. Take care.
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Question: Perfect age for breastfeed weaning??
Answer: Hello dear it is completely up on you. You should at least breast feed for 1 year and after that you can start weaning.
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