9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: We took scan at the end of 7th week. The doctor said baby is 3.1mm and there is 125bpm. Is this the expected growth and beats. Also she has tsh of 5.8 will this affect baby.

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Answer: You can drink ginger tea and do some head massage regularly.
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Question: Doctor said growth of baby is 2weeks behind on expected date..is this become any risk?
Answer: Dear usually if the babies lack in growth at this stage they pick it up in the coming weeks of second and third trimester. So focus on eating healthy and balanced. Along with this start taking mama proteinex with milk thrice a day. Also keep urself hydrated. Hope it helps.
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Question: At the end of 7th mnth scan my baby weight is 1653 gm is it nrml or underweight
Answer: It is absolutely normal. Your pregnancy diet should be full of iron and protein, with loads of foods that have calcium, magnesium, fiber, folic acid and DHA. Avoid foods high in salt, fats, sugar and those that will just give you empty calories but no nutritional benefits
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Question: Im 35 weeks pregnant.My scan report says . cephalic state, anterior placenta and end of the placenta is above the fetal head. Will this affect normal delivery?
Answer: Hi dear It's normal thrs nothing to worry bout baby is in cephalic position which means it's in head down position it's easier for normal delivery
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