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Question: We are trying fr pregnancy this month. As soon as the sperms are released most of it comes out and gets wasted. Will it affect our planning? Are we doing something wrong while sprem release?

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Answer: Hi dear, Post intercourse the semen comes out during ejaculation.and the million sperms in semen travel or swim through the vagina to uterus to ovary or fallopian tube to fertilize with egg.usually out of million sperms that spills out of your vagina,some manage to swim increase the chances of fertilization,you must raise your bottom by placing pillows underneath for 5 minutes.due to gravity the semen keeps seeping out.
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Question: My husband prolactin level is high ...all test are normal ...if it s affect for our pregnancy ...we are trying...if prolactin affect our dream please answer me
Answer: Hello dear, High prolactin levels may cause infertility .If a non-pregnant woman has abnormally high levels of prolactin, it may cause her difficulty in becoming pregnant.... Bromocriptine and cabergoline are also used to treat hyper prolactinemia with no known cause. Hypothyroidism is treated with synthetic thyroid hormone, which should bring prolactin levels back to normal. If high prolactin levels are caused by prescription medications, other types of medications can be explored. Hope it helped, Take care urself...
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Question: Hi... while having sex everytime sperms comes out of my vagina.. kindly tell me what to do for this so that I can conceive since we are trying from last 4 months and medication is also going on to conceive.
Answer: You can get pregnant, even if it feels like ‘everything’ is coming out afterwards. The sperm will be on their way to fertilize your egg by the time you get up and move around.  While it is worrisome,  you only need one very strong and quick sperm to fertilize your egg.   For a man with normal sperm count, each ejaculation has at least 20 million sperm in it!   Even if most of the sperm leaks out, there are still a large number available to fertilize your egg.  Trying to get pregnant causes a lot of stress and concern.  You should remove sperm leakage from your list of worries.   It isn’t something to worry about. Hope it helps.
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Question: Hii..i have started planning for pregnancy as I have completed one year of marraige..i feel after getting intimate that all the sperms are coming out from my vagina.Im it normal? How much sperms gets absorbed?
Answer: Oh yes it's completely normal... It's not possible for 100% sperms to get into u ... Personally I would advise u to have intercourse at night and avoid during daytime ... And don't go to pee after that ... Keeping ur legs in air some few minutes may help .. nd then peacefully sleep on left or right sided ... Dnt worry abt sperms flowing out as many more get in ur cervix ... And just 1 sperm is needed for a baby :) .. though my suggestion may sound funny .. but it helps :)
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Question: Due to severe temperature had to take antibiotics. Will this affect my ovulation in comming month as we are planning?
Answer: Sometimes antibiotics does
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