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Question: Wat is d meaning of slight spotting

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Answer: Hello dear. It probably must be implantation bleeding. The bleeding should only last for one or two days, but every woman is different. Occasionally some women can continue to have a light period for the first month or two after they get pregnant. If the bleeding is heavy and you are pregnant, you'll have to contact your gynecologist immediately. Take care.
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Answer: Mayumi is a Japanese word and the meaning is bow (Used in archery)
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Question: What is the meaning of spotting???
Answer: Hie, Spotting is a common concern that many pregnant women face.  Approximately 20% of women report they experience spotting during their first 12 weeks of pregnancy. Bleeding that occurs early on in pregnancy is usually lighter in flow than a menstrual period. Also, the color often varies from pink to red to brown. Although it is easy to be concerned, don’t panic. The majority of women who experiencing spotting during pregnancy go on to have a healthy pregnancy and baby.
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Answer: C-SECTION means to deliver baby through operation. When veginal delivery is not possible then c-section delivery is done. Where doctor makes a cut in lower abdomen and brings the baby out.
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