6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Wat hap if protein secretion n urinal?s thr any pblm

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Answer: hi dear! so if proteinuria is seen then you must check for the bp dear. as if there is bp increased then you will have something called pre eclampsia and with treatment like tablet lobet your condition will be good dear. dont worry this problem generally if uncontrolled then it may just cause the baby to deliver before time. so do measure your bp and if normal then you should do a usg abdomen and pelvis. and show the reports to your doctor dear. take care.
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Question: Hi .my protein secretion s little bit high ..s thr any pblm
Answer: hi dear! so the protein secretion is in the urine. then you will have to check for the bp dear. you should have bp issues dear. and if the bp is normal then you should do a sonography of the abdomen and pelvis dear to see if everything is going good dear. take care.
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Question: I ate groundnut slight pain n my abdomen..s thr any serious r pblm?
Answer: groundnut will not cause stomatch pain dear. pain might be due to some other reason. drink little warm water u might get relief
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Question: Secretion of breast milk is any pblm
Answer: Hi it is common to get the liquid from breast as now ur body is being ready for lactating. It good that u r having milk supply before delivery. The thin white liquid is called colostrum which is the first flow of breast milk. U can use breast pad to avoid getting ur cloth spoil due to milk flow. 
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