34 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Want to eat something healthy feeling hungry

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Answer: Eat moong dal salad with cherry tomatoes onions brocoli or any kind of veggies u like.....its healthy and refreshing
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    namrata aggarwal727 days ago

    Thanku so much mam

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Question: I am not feeling hungry... Lost my appetite... FeEling like vomiting.... If I eat something vomitng coming..
Answer: Hi dear. During first trimester it is a common problem to feel vomiting all the time and not feeling hungry us also qhite normal . But you can't go without food for the sake of your baby. Even i faced this same condition but there was one thing which i liked during this period and that was banana. You must also try banana. Another option is oranges , even if yiu don't feel like eating anything oranges surely gonna tempt you.. you please get some plum candy for you, it is chatpata in taste and will trigger your taste buds and you might feel hungry, also it is healthy for you. As you are vomiting so make sure to drink lots of water . Also take other healthy drinks. Also drink coconut water daily to keep your body hydrated. Sometime we get bored of eating food of same taste,tell some other member of family to prepare food for you. Take care
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Question: Actually I am always feeling hungry and wanted something to eat.. Is this a normal symptom in 30 weeks...
Answer: Yes, this is normal but again this means what your eating is not sufficient for your baby. Eat 6-7 small meals daily but make sure your tummy is full and eat what is nutritional and healthy for you and your baby. Take care.
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Question: Not feeling hungry much ...if i eat something i ll feel full...after sometime i ll feel hungry again... what to do
Answer: Well pregnancy me Thoda Thoda or baar baar khana hi sahi hota h isse digestion system sahi rhta h or din 6time khana chahiye so don't worry healthy khana khao
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