8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Vomiting me blood ana pragancy me is it harmful.. Plxx reply

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Answer: hi to be on the safe Si you should consult to the doctor but let me tell you sometimes when we vomit very hardly it is possible that the lining of the oesophagus get stone and because of which you will find the blood on 18th of blood in vomiting however there is nothing much to worry but to be on the safer side you should consult to the doctor if you vomit more than 3 times you should consult to the doctor and take medications else you will become dehydrated try eat something every 2 hours also take ORS so that you are hydrated to of the day
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Question: I am having vomiting and headache also my blood pressure is low is it harmful for my baby
Answer: these are the symptoms of pregnancy and you no need to be worry . this is because of the hormonal changes of our body . for the morning sickness you can drink clear fruit juices and water , you can also eat high protein snack before bedtime . you can also eat cereal, crackers before getting out of bed .
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Question: Kuch b khanay ka man nhi krta.. Alwayx vomiting walla mood rehta hai kya kru ab....plxx suggest me
Answer: Dear aisa hotha hai for the first three months , baad me sab kuch normal ho jayega.
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Question: Is it normal -blood while vomiting .
Answer: Morning sickness affects some women to the extent that the lining of esophagus gets tear, resulting in blood in vomit. Normally this is the reason for blood while vomiting. But you need to check with your doctor and check if this is the reason for your condition
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