7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Vitargin tablets Nthina.?

1 Answers
Answer: Hi dear, Vitargin is nothing but multivitamin tablet.it I'd often given during pregnancy period.
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Question: ഹലോ vitargin tablets anthinu ഉള്ളതാ gulikaya tell me pls hlp
Answer: Hi dear, Vitargin is nothing but multivitamin tablets.they are often given during prolonged illness or even during pregnancy.it is absolutely safe.
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Question: Folvite tablets are iron tablets??
Answer: Folvite are folic acid tblets. Autrin is for iron.
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Question: Vitagreat tablets... Is it follic acid tablets
Answer: Hi dear, Yes vitagreat tablet is a vitamin supplement which also has folic acid in it.it is given for the first trimester in Pregnancy.
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Question: Use tablets Pregnancy ladies iron n folic tablets complasary
Answer: Use tablets Pregnancy ladies iron tablets Folic acid compulsory
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