3 months old baby

Question: Vaccination ke jagah reddish colour form hora i tried both ice n garam vaph but still no results.. please help me its 3day

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Answer: Hello, if the vaccinated area is swollen and hard without any pain you need not worry. Hard press or cold press could receive pain. If pain persists after 6 days consult doctor immediately
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Question: Its been 25 days now, i still have sore nipples. I have tried nipcare, using nipple shield. I have tried almost everything but still no relief. Please help when and how will they be cured?
Answer: Hi. soaking your nipples with a warm saline solution, rubbing the area with a washcloth, then nursing or pumping.  While the nipple is healing, apply a warm, wet compress before nursing to help open the milk ducts, then rinse the affected area with saline solution after nursing and gently pat dry. Use nipcare ointment ,totally safe just apply it on the nipple and before feeding wipe with wet cotton.Do not wash with soap as it will make the nipple dry. To prevent milk blisters make sure that your baby is properly positioned, latched correctly and sucking well. Hope this helps
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Question: Mere baby ko 2nd hlf month ka vaccination karaye 2days hora but baby ka pain kam nai hora maine ice rub b karke dekhli but injected jagah par thoda reddush colour badtejara. Please help me what should i do, aj ice ke jagah garam vaph b lagake dekhli but no results😔
Answer: Hello, kabhi bhi garam bhap mat lagaye injection ke baad ice rab kijiye kaam hoga. kuch vaccination 24 hours the pain rehta hai , kuch vaccines ka pain 3 to 5 din tak rehta hai aur dtap vaccine ka pain 7 days rehete hai aur fever bhi aata hai aur ye normal hai, aap ice massage hi kijiye kam ho jayega.
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Question: Hi am 2month pregnant I have severe dry cough can't slp at night plz help me, I tried turmeric milk, warm water bt no results still struggling
Answer: Warm water me namak dalke garare karlo....thodasa adarkh leke chuso mume rakh ke...honitous lelo
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