14 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Using doxinate plus tablets daily 2.is it enough. These tablets are combination of folic acid and stop vomiting. So is it enough or else I can use folic acid tablets additionally along with doxinate plus

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Answer: Hey dearie , two tablets are already more than enough, still it depends upon potency of medicine and your health so only your doctor can decide whether any medicine to be taken additionally or not ..tc
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Question: i am using duphaston to avoid miscarriage ...can i also use folic acid along with duphaston ??
Answer: Hi dear, Yes you must take folic acid along with duphaston.the purpose of duphaston is to avoid miscarriage.it is a progesterone supplement.folic acid is taken to prevent birth defects in baby.so please continue folic acid till 12 weeks
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Question: Using the folic acid tablets give better result or any side effects...?? Dr suggested me to use these tablets
Answer: Yes folic acid is so important it has no side effects....because at starting period we are unable to take proper diet due to nausea and vomiting....this folic acid provide nutrients to us.so it has no side effects.
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Question: doxinate tablets for what use doctor prescribed me n can it be taken within 30 minutes of folic acid tab
Answer: Doxinate Forte Tablet is an antihistamine. It treats difficulty in falling asleep and occasional sleeplessness. It induces sleep by depressing the brain to produce feelings of drowsiness and tiredness.
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