27 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Unbearable pricking pain below chest on right side. Any solution pls.

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Answer: hello dear, sharp chest pain during pregnancy is not good. The reason may be gas and acidity. But if the pain is unbearable and is continuing from more than 12 hours I will suggest you to talk to your Doctor. Maybe you need medical attention.
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Question: I have pain below right chest and also backside right side
Answer: Its normal. This tym u can have pain near thighs, back side and below chest. Avoid oily , fried and junk food. Include fruits, salad and green leafy vegetables in ur diet. Drink lots of water
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Question: I am 30weeks pregnant.i am suffering from pain on right side below chest .please suggest me any home remedies
Answer: Hi, dear tour are nearing tour delivery date. At this week the baby grows in size as a result it stretches the muscles making room for their growth. This could be the reason of pain. However you can do the following steps Exercise, twisting of upper body and breathing exercises will surely help you dear take care.
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Question: I'm getting right side below chest pain and full gastric problem how can i get relief pls tell me
Answer: Hi dear In later pregnancy stage that is third trimester everyone ll get gastric and acidity problems as digestion ll be alow that time....just do walking after food and take a glass of jeera water after 10 mon of food..which helos to relieve from gastric and acidity issues
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