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Question: Um planning for pregnancy from last six months ..but um not successful...i hve irregular periods i consultant my Dr who gives me periods is going on frm 26 feb ...plzzz tell me wt to do this tym to become a pregnant

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Answer: hi dear as you have mentioned that your periods are irregular this is the main cause for you not being successful even after trying for long, first of all the irregular periods needs to be regularised to understand your ovulation because even if you try this month since your period has started from 26th of February it may not happen the way you calculated because you do not know when you ovulate when your period cycle is irregular then your ovulation is irregular to it won't happen on time it might come early it might be late do you have not mentioned the gap between the periods are you have but if it is more than you know 40 days are 45 days it has been seen that there is no ovulation with that period cycle so first of all it is very important for you to regularise the period and then only try you can continue metformin it is a safe medicine and mostly doctors prescribe it in case of irregularity.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Um planning for pregnancy frm last six months ...but um not successful plzzz tell me wt to do ...last cycle remains 64days i
Answer: Hello dear. Generally most women likely to ovulate on day 14(although it can be a day or two sooner or later), and your fertile window is from days nine to fourteen (six days). If you bleed the average five days, and you start having unprotected intercourse four days after your period ends, you can get pregnant. All the best.
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Question: Plzzzz rply my planning fr pregnancy frm last 4 months but still not successful...plzzzz suggest me..wt to do for immidiate pregnancy
Answer: After doing intercourse put your legs high put a bundle of pillows under your leg and sleep on your back for 20 to 30 minutes this may help sperms to reach at their Goal !!
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Question: Today's my 36th day ...but urine test is still negative getting worried .... planning for pregnancy frm last 6 months .....plzzzz tell me wt to do
Answer: Do a upt with early morning first urine after a week . Early morning results may be accurate... if not consult with doctor...
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