20 weeks pregnant mother

Question: USG aur ultrasound same hai kya??

2 Answers
Answer: Hello! Hain dono same hain. Usg ultrasound ka short form hain. Take care
Answer: Usg -ultrasonography and ultrasound same
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Question: USG aur EDD date me kya fark hai
Answer: Hey, Usg stands for ultrasound and edd stands for estimated due date. There are two ways to calculate edd. One is based on your lmp. Simply 280 days are added to this to know your edd. This is also known as gestational age that is the time egg spent in the womb. most of the apps and doctor rely in this to record pregnancy growth. Whereas edd mentioned in usg is actual fetal age. It varies throughout the pregnancy depending in rhe growth of baby.
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Question: Is nt scan and usg level 1 ultrasound same?
Answer: Hi No..both are different ok..NT scan is used to determine the chromosomal abnormality which are present in the foetus..where as the first usg is used to determine the expected due date,how mamy foetus are present ,and heart beat of foetus ok
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Question: Are ultrasound level 2 fetal echo and level 2 usg obsterics same??
Answer: Yes they are the same and done between the weeks 18 to 22 by now the full study of the baby can be done. Multiples CDN be seen clearly. This report indicates the features in detail and how exactly toot baby will be
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