7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Total how many ultrasound n scanning will do till delivery

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Answer: Hello! There are total of 5-6 ultrasounds during the pregnancy. However if the doctor wants, he can ask you to go for some more depending on the pregnancy. .take care
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    True caller688 days ago

    Thnnqqq bt its my 1n half month not even one ultrasound

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Question: Iam 9months pregnancy total how many time scanning will done
Answer: Hi dear. most of the time scanning is it done for 3 to 4 times throughout pregnancy but if there is any problem suspected then doctor will tell the female to go for more scanning in order to keep avoid any issue
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Question: How many total weeks for normal delivery
Answer: After 36 dilivery can happen as baby is full term sometime it goes it 40 weeks but vary person to person
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Question: How many weeks scanning will do
Answer: Dating scan-6-10weeks,NTscan-11-13weeks,Anomaly scan-18-22weeks,Growth scan-28-32weeks
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