26 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Today we met doctor and she said cervix. Could you please explain the effects and precautions.

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Answer: Why did she say cervix? Are u sure she said this only or something else
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Question: Can you explain about survical stitch n its side effects if any and precautions to be tajen after it?
Answer: Cervical cerclage is a minor surgical procedure which is used to treat a weak cervix. In this procedure, the cervix is stitched closed to prevent miscarriage or premature delivery.Cervical cerclage prevents miscarriage or preterm delivery or labour. The success rate of this procedure is about to 85% to 90%. Cervical cerclage is generally a safe procedure. However, there might be some complications arising after the procedure. . The risks of getting a cervical stitch during pregnancy are:Premature labour,Rupture of membranes prematurely (water breaking)c hances of infections in the cervix,Chances of the cervix getting torn (it occurs if the stitch is not removed at the start of labour)Excessive bleeding ,Chances of miscarriage increase in presence of cerclage,Infection of the amniotic sac,Cervical dystocia and failure to dilate requiring C-section,A displaced cervix
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Question: Hi Doctor! Can you please explain me about posterior placenta??
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy and all the best for your motherhood. Placentas typically attach themselves in the back side of the utreus it is called posterior Placenta, but when your placenta is anterior it is right up in the front. Take care.
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Question: An 1month pregnant,could you please explain what all are the foods should i avoid?
Answer: Definitely am helping you , please avoiding heat items like pineapple and grapes papaya jackfruit and take more plenty of water , iron riched food drumstick leafs soaked fig almonds and stay hydrated sister and happy parenting
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