38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Today's I will done my blood test in that report shows mild neutrophils

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Answer: Mild increase may not be an issue, as it happens in pregnancy however it has to be further examined for the cause of it too.
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Question: My 36th week scan done dr suggest me l-arginine granuals? What is that purpose report shows mild polyhydromnios
Answer: In polyhydramnion,one should not take arginine gramules..its for those fetus which hav anhydramnios or oligohydramnios
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Question: I have done my sonography recenty.the report shows the mild polyhydroids.what does it mean
Answer: Hi dear , it must be Polyhydramnios which means excessive amniotic fluid in womb which should be che ked closely to know the reason for it..
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Question: Recently i have done QUARD MARKERS blood test and my report shows negative screening,is it normal or not
Answer: Hi dear, Negative results is a good report,which means no abnormality detected.so donot worry.
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