1 months old baby

Question: Today my had vaccination how many drops of p-125 should be given if baby gets fever l

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Question: Gave my baby 45th day vaccination shot. What should be given if she gets fever
Answer: If ur Nurse instruct incase fever occur given paracip syrup this reduce this follow her instruction
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Question: Today vaccination is given to my baby.. How much gap should be maintain in crocin drops??
Answer: Dear it sud be given after vaccination is done... only once .. after 6 to 7 hrs if u see baby is having fever.. dat to above 100.. only den give again Crocin
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Question: My baby had vaccine of 4th month today for fever p.125 how much dosage i have to give
Answer: 0.5 ml of paracetamol has to given.. A gap of 6 hours is must in between the dosages.. avoid giving medicine later when ur babys temperature is normal and has no fever... u may use icecompress on ur babys injected area to get relief from pain
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Question: Hello Dr plzz tell me how many drops of paracetamol given after vaccination fever
Answer: It's better that u take suggestion from ur doctor because for my baby doctor suggestion was 0.5ml
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