15 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Today in the morning after taking bath I started getting pain in my nipples..why this is happening?

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Answer: Don't worry, it is very common during pregnancy due to the hormonal changes. And ur breasts are getting ready for feeding. Take care don't apply any ointments for the pain it will gone itself.
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Question: I am 8 months pregnant woman today my nipples are leaking since early morning i don't know why this is happening. What is the actual cause of it?
Answer: White or milky discharge from breast in pregnancy is normal this fluid is called colostrum it's a form of milk that is secreted from your nipple. This the sign that your body is preparing up for breastfeed your baby. Many women experience colostrum leakage throughout pregnancy and even after the birth. If you are uncomfortable with the discharge try wearing some thin nursing pads in your bra.
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Question: I have pains in my nipples especially after taking bath? Is there anything wrong?
Answer: Ho do not worry this is normal you should give a good massage while taking shower let the warm water flow down your breast and give a gentle massage this will help you also whenever you feed your baby massage your breast every time before feeding this will also help you can also do some hot water compression this will also help to give you some relief
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Question: I m 8th months pregnant, after taking bath or in very cold weather,i feel pain n sensetion in my brest ,why its happening?
Answer: Hi dear it is common tk have such feeling as during pregnancy ur private parts become more sensitive . Don't worry take extra case and wear proper cloth. Bath with warm water.
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