10 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Today in morning when i went to.washroom I got faint due to which i got both my elbow injured. CAN i have haldi milk at bedtime

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Answer: No!! Hadi is not suggested at this time. You can drink plain milk or you may use any milk powder related to pregnancy.
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Question: Hi all today is 16th week for my wife, can we both have contact at this time, pl suggest, from when we both need to be in contact
Answer: Hello dear It is not advisable to have sex in first 3 months of pregnancy as fetus is Taking growth during this time. So, it can be harmful for the fetus. After completion of 3 months, u can have sex from 4 to 7 months. If ur wife pregnancy is going smooth and she have no medical complications then doing sex in last trimester is totally safe. Last month sex can help in opening the cervix.
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Question: Accidentally my breast got injured when it is filled with milk. Now I have swelling n pain. Plz suggest how can I reduce it ?
Answer: Hi dear ice pack compressions helps to reduce swelling and pain. You can also bath with salt water to offer some relief on the breasts.. If the pain is too much better consult your doctor for a diagnosis. Take very good care of yourself.
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Question: Can I breastfeed my 2 month infant while taking thyronorm 75mg in the morning and HCQS 200 at bedtime?
Answer: Hi! Breastfeeding is safe in thyroid, you dont need to worry at all, pls feed the child it wont spread to baby through your feed.. Hope this helps!
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