9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Today i went for sacn and found irregular sac is it a problem?

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Question: Today i went for routine check up and found that my bp is 90/60 is it ok ?
Answer: Hello! your bp is low..You can avoid low blood pressure during pregnancy by healthily changing your lifestyle. Have a healthy food to prevent anemia or hypoglycemia (low blood glucose).Drink enough even plenty of water or other liquid such as fruit juices to avoid dehydration.Rise slowly and carefully, while getting up from a sitting or lying position. Do not stay at a particular position (sitting or standing) for a long time.Lying on the left side is advisable instead of lying on the back. Laying on the back causes the uterus to pressurize the blood vessels, which restricts the blood flow and causes to lower blood pressure.Do mild, regular exercise such as walking to prevent the symptoms of low blood pressure by improving blood circulation.Compression stockings- Wear supporting stocking provides tight-fitting to your legs and abdomen helps to increase your BP.Avoiding standing for a long time, this helps to prevent low BP due to miscommunication between the brain and heart.Sitting or lying down for a while after eating, because after eating your blood circulation diverted to the digestive system. Thus low circulation to another area thus activity prevent this natural behavior and leads to low blood pressure.Avoiding strenuous exercises as your blood pressure tends to drop lower after workout session or after physical activity.
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Question: Two years ago I went through a normal checkup for irregular periods and found that I have PCOD. Can I conceive without IVF ? If yes how ?
Answer: Hi, it depends upon your reports. you may get your pcod decreased and then u can plan for baby. you should consult doctor as medication and diet both is needed to get it reduced. Take care!
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Question: Today I have my first scan Dr said sac is not found any problem
Answer: Hi desr do t worry. Yolk sac can be visible en till 12 th so di visit doctor for ultrasound agi. After 2 to 4 weeks i m sure ur doctor must have called u after some week of analysis the recovery.
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