40 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Today i vomit after my lunch. Is there any prblm

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Answer: Hi dear, now you r in your final weeks and your stomach is getting less space because of your increased uterus. So, vomitting is quite normal dear. Dont worry.
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    DhanaSree TN834 days ago


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Question: Hlw mam today I got electric shock plz say is there any prblm to ma baby
Answer: electric shock of more than of a bigger socket might be a little disturbing for the baby for a while but you need not to worry just keep a check on your babys activity and see if the movements do not appear till week 20th then you need to see your gynae for an evaluation of babys activity. also notice any changes such as feeling dizzy having pain in abdomen or feeling of slight cramps then you need to immediately consult your gyane today. do not worry take care.
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Question: My baby is vomiting after feeding there is any prblm
Answer: Hello Reflux is baby spitting of milk it is not vomiting. You can stop dis by holding ur baby upright for 30 mins even if the baby s sleeping while u put baby to sleep elevate baby s head a bit. Change the feeding schedule from 2 hours to 2.5 hours so the baby s hungry n will drink milk better. Hope I helped
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Question: Yestrday i slipped due to vomit is there any prblm
Answer: hi dear no it is not a problem until you didn't hurt much on your belly please watch your footsteps as you are pregnant you should be more careful and please avoid walking on slippery place. don't panic or don't worry that don't cause any problem to your baby sure he is very safe on your womb
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