Few weeks old baby

Question: Today i saw something clot like gel type light brown color material over my sanitary pad...whT was that?????

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Answer: Pet ke andar jo gandi reh jate diliwary ke baad wo bahar aate hi hai
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    Rohini Sharma732 days ago

    Ye normal hai na

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Question: Mam today morning i saw light brown colour discharge.please am soo worried about that
Answer: Light bleeding, spotting is common during pregnancy dear. But you have to consult doctor if you have bleeding.
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Question: Hello I am 6 month pregnant. Today I have a discharge of brown color clot. What was that...
Answer: Okay... First, don't panic. This is mostly normal. Also known as implantation bleeding, broen discharge could be seen in the first trimester. You are 6 weeks pregnant right? I too noticed the same thing on my 6th week. Second, visit your doc. He or she may put you on injections. That will cure everything...
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Question: Today i saw some light brown discharge.. is it serious
Answer: Hi there could be various reasons like stretching of cervix or internal check up, due to sex but if u have discharge at this time it is advised to inform ur doctor.
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