37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Today i have done my 9th month scan..doctor said one amblical cord (10.3cm)is wrapped around baby neck..im very nervous about delivery..is it possible for normal delivery..please guide me with the solution and advice

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Answer: Hello dear It is common if ur cord is wrapped around ur baby's neck and it's very unlikely to cause any problems for you or your baby. Most of time, we don't know about it going into labor and the cord is simply unwrapped and the baby is fine. Rarely is that cord is wrapped so tightly that doctor has to go for c section which is completely normal. So, dont worry and have a healthy and safe pregnancy
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Question: I had my scan done today and baby has cord around neck is normal delivery possible?
Answer: I have also the same problem ...but no need to worry this is very common now a days .....if you have single cord then more chances that it may be come out with baby movement ..... but if two loops are there then it will be little risky .....just have a look on your baby's movement
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Question: Is it possible to have normal delivery when umbilical cord wrapped around the baby neck?
Answer: The baby and umbilical chord change positions. It can change even sometime just before delivery. Yes its possible fir a normal delivery
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Question: In my 9 th month scan ..doctor said one amblical cord around 10.3 cm is wrapped around baby neck..im feeling worried..is this will affect normal delivery?
Answer: No it wont. I had the same issue with my baby and had a normal delivery.My baby is 21 days old and doing fine
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