33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Today i had doppler scan...I am pregnant with twins.. Earlier doctor doctor told me that babies are sharing placenta....And today doctor told me that now it seems two placenta.... Is it possible???

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Answer: Monochorionic twins are identical twins who share one placenta. This occurs in approximately 70 percent of pregnancies with identical twins. Fraternal twins will always have two placentas. Also called "sibling" twins or "false" twins, the babies are just as unique as any other siblings. You are pregnant with Fraternal twins. It's normal and possible. Check with your doctor for more information.
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Question: I'm pregnant with twins and both my babies are sharing single placenta. What can I do for this? Is this normal or any complications occur?
Answer: Having same placenta is safe and will not cause any harm so dont worry . My friend also had same placenta with her brother and he mother have a safe pregnancy. It's just complete bedrest and frequent scan are required to chcek on baby.
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Question: I am 36weeks pregnant with twins. Both babies are in breech longtitudanal lie. Is it possible to have normal delivery
Answer: Hi dear if both your babies are in breech condition then it seems to be difficult for you to have a normal delivery with ur twins because at 36 weeks of pregnancy it is very difficult for the babies to turn because it depends on a lot of thing live position babies comfort your height etc. so mostly it is going to be C section please try to be mentally prepared for that .. All the best !
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Question: Hii.. is it must to do anamoly scan..?? My doc didn't recommend me for that.. and im 20 weeks pregnant with twins.. yesterday went for ultrasound scan and doc told me that both babies are good..
Answer: hi dear don't worry usually doctors advice these scans to be taken around 20 weeks to know that your baby is developing normally, and look at where the placenta is lying.so you don't need to worry about it asset is this a first scan and usually the photographer will show you your baby is feet hands and you can see blood images of your kid
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