36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Today i had an appointment...my bp is high ..dr prescribed tablets n injection and asked to continue it for 2 days ...aftr 2 days if its same dn we ll go for c section..im worried ...is my baby wil b premature?

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Answer: Hello! Please don't worry, since here it shows that you are already in 36 weeks of pregnancy . So by 37 weeks the development and growth of the baby is almost complete. So if emergency C-section is done also, it will be matter of few days, so don't take much of stress. Take
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Question: Hello doctor,this is my second baby and i want to do tubectomy this time,doctor asked me to go for c section thus 2 operation wil done in one time ,can i go for csection and tubectomy at once
Answer: If there is no reason for C-section other than wanting tubectomy in the same sitting, it done not make any sense at all. There are women who are willing to do anything to have a normal delivery.. and there is good reason for that. It's always better to avoid c-section if possible..it has its own complications. It's much easier and faster to recover from a normal delivery than cesarean. If your doctor is suggesting you to get c-section done just so that tubectomy can be done together, it's not justified at all. Tubectomy is a very simple procedure..u can get it done on opd basis..no need for admission also..and recover within no time.
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Question: I had c section on 28 th december.bleeding was normal..but 2 day it seems high comparing to other days..the same happened some days before also .what would b the reason.iam worried
Answer: Dear its completely normal.. the bleeding will last a month or 40 days and you can experience high or low bleeding and some days no bleeding. So dont worry your uterus is shrinking back to its normal shape... just take rest and it will be fine
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Question: Doc decided to go for c section today as 37 week 2 days completed as low laying placenta. Last Scan done at 35 weeks 2 days.My question is now before c section?
Answer: Hello ma'am Sory dint understand your question Plz resend it again Thank you
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