10 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Today i eat outside food but i think it contains ajinamoto i am very much worried now i did not eat it intentionally can u suggest me wat to do i dont have any allegy to it. I eat small amount only Plz rly me ppzzz

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Answer: Hello dear. Small amount is not going to do any harm. Pleasr avoid it in future. Also if you experience any discomfort or sever pain or any discharge which is red or brown then consult gynae. Hope it helps.
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    Ramya Sweety737 days ago

    Tq very much i am very worried i will go if i feel discomfort tq again

Answer: Dnt worry dr i have a same experience its nothing happen to ur baby ur baby is always healthy only ma hereafter avoid outside food ..take more friut andspinach for healthy baby be happy
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    Ramya Sweety720 days ago


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Answer: Hi dear Constepation is quiet normal in pregnancy...take banana daily before bed..as banana helos to relieve from constipation and also it is rich in folic acid which is main source for babies brain development.... Take tender coconut water it helps to relieve from constepation... Take some 6-7 kismis and boil it in a glass water and let it cool and take it... Do take dry fig and dates daily 2pcs make it as a practice without skipping for any reason also take dates boiled with milk it helps to increase HB level effectively
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Question: I am having light brown discharge since yesterday.though very small in amount still I am much worried pl tell me.
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