3 months old baby

Question: Today i change my baby's formula milk company as a trial .they poop after every feed and the motion is slightly brown colour i thought it contain slight blood . Is there any casuality ? I m afride please help me

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Question: 23 days old baby boy, having a little hard poop, giving both breastsmilk and formula milk , as my breasts milk is not enough, today there is little blood drop in his poop, what can be done to treat it
Answer: Hi,blood can be due to constipation.there is nothing to orey in that for constipation You should have more water Have papaya Have banana Have figs and prunes And speak to Dr if he can advice something like milk if magnesium for your baby . Take care
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Question: My baby is 7 months.. pooping every feed.. giving cows milk and poop the semi solid and in brown colour
Answer: Hi dear, it's happening cause of cow milk as baby less than 12 months won't be able to digest it. You should stop giving that and give BM or FM instead. Baby will have better digestion. Take care!
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Question: I am having 7 week. I had a brown discharge today. After that there is slight brownish colour in my urine in starting... What should i do
Answer: If your brownish discharge is constantly increasing please see a doctor immediately as you need a scan . Some amout of discharge is considered normal but it should not keep increasing in quantity.
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