38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Today I will do my blood test then that report shows mild neutrophils

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Answer: In pregnancy there can be increase in neutrophils, but the level have to be check by your doc if it is clinically significant which occurs due to infection, further it can be treated too.
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Question: Hii. Today i had a scan. In that report it shows mild iugr. Is der anything to worry about?
Answer: Hi. Intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR) refers to a condition in which an unborn baby is smaller than it should be because it is not growing at a normal rate inside the womb But there is nothing to worry much about it. As there is still time and babies usually grow the most in the last weeks. Hope this helps!
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Question: Today's I will done my blood test in that report shows mild neutrophils
Answer: Mild increase may not be an issue, as it happens in pregnancy however it has to be further examined for the cause of it too.
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Question: Today do urine test n blood test...in urine test, my result shows that i had a salt n sugar....i didnt get blood test...i fear abt my result....what can i do....
Answer: Eat food with low sugar and salt... increasing salt is bad during pregnancy...
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