13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Today I went for NT scan and it shows high impedence in both the uterine arteries, I m already having aspirin and argepreg. Please suggest me what should I do????

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Question: I am 30weeks pregnant and My last scan report said that "High resistance flow in both uterine arteries, more severe on left side". Please help me what should I do?
Answer: Due to resistance in the flow of blood to the uterus growth of the foetus may get affected Your doctor must have given you some medicines like Aspirin or heparin to for the dietitian of blood vessel so that blood flow to the uterus increase Continue those medicines there are chances of you to develop blood pressure All you need to do is take care of your diet increase protein in your diet increase the growth of the foetus as protein is the building block of human body So include egg cheese paneer curd Soya beans lentils kidney beans pulses and non veg egg chicken fish get plenty of rest and try to sleep in left lateral position Restrict the salt intake drink more water include coconut water buttermilk uses at cetera Go for a walk or yoga to regulate blood pressure Don't worry and follow up your doctor regularly to monitor the growth of baby
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Question: I had my NT scan today. And the report says that Bilateral uterine arteries shows notching. What does that mean? Are there any chances of complications?
Answer: Hi, A notch refers to an abnormal pattern of blood flow to the fetus through both the uterine arteries. It could mean certain conditions like growth restriction, low birth weight, pre term delivery, need for c section etc Doctor will advice additional tests to monitor it It is important to keep a healthy level of BP It could be considered an indication or sign for chromosomal abnormalities for which additional tests will be advised Majority of the cases when well monitored result in healthy mother and baby
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Question: I have done NT scan in report high resistance flow in uterine arteries is there any problem.
Answer: Hi, high resistance can be sign of pre-eclampsia or fetal growth. Please consult the doctor for further guidance and also make sure to take care of yourself.
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