27 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Today I test my "igtt test"My plasma glucose fasting is 85 and Bsl (pg) 1 hour is 165 Bsl(pg)2hours is 159 It can be indicate that I have a gestational diabetes?

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Question: How to control gestational diabetes ? I have 110 im fasting 193 in glucose 1 hour test in 2 hour 160 how can i control it
Answer: Hello dear... To reduce blood sugar ,follow these diet tips it might be helpful for you... Limit the intake of corbohydrate in your diet , avoid to have white rice ,you can have rice in millet varieties Include more proteins in your diet,that includes dairy products,lean chicken, fish , lentils, nuts and seeds Take lot of vegetables in your diet, avoid starchy vegetables like potatoes , peas ... Because it will increase the sugar level. Intake of fiber rich fruits like apples,pears , guava will help a lot,avoid banana,mango, jackfruit will increase blood sugar value Avoid sugar, caffeine, soft drinks, pastries,oil fried food
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Question: Hello doctor,my glucose fasting plasma is 89,glucose 1 hr plasma is 155,glucose 2hr plasma is 145..is it a problem?
Answer: Fasting is okk....other r little high than normal...cut off sugar from your food...avoid white rice potatoes....take oats..take more fibre rich food...go for walk
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Question: Hi, my blood sugar level fasting is 88 and after 1 hour is 159. Is this normal or I have gestational diabetes? Anything to worry?
Answer: After 1 hour your blood sugar level is shooting high which indicates gestational diabetes. Consult your doctor for treatment avoid all sorts of sweets and sugars. Monitor your blood sugar levels regularly.
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