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Question: Today I noticed dark brown blood in my panties.... But its have white discharge also... During my periods I have red color and good flow also..... Don't know Wats happening..🤔🤔. My lmp is 24th Jan.....

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Answer: you should consult ur doctor
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    Divya Bibin961 days ago

    Thank you

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Question: My LMP was on 10th Jan. On 30th Jan I had very minimal discharge , brown in color for 4days. I have missed my periods and Today early morning I took urine test , it's negative. What's the situation,plz advise
Answer: hi that light bleeding that you got on 30 th of January could be your period bleeding sometimes when you are planning to conceive it create the hormonal imbalances in the body which leads to irregular periods .
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Question: i m 6 week pregnant. today I have dark brown or black vaginal discharge. I don't know wat to do.
Answer: this completes seems to be normal as a result of implantation bleeding.. if it continues have it checked with doctor
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Question: Noticed dark brown clotted discharge in my panties in my 12 week of pregnancy.i dont have any abdominal pa
Answer: Hi dear kindly consult your doctor as soon as possible
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