30 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Today I m suffering from headache. Is it safe to take seridon tab or suggest something else

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Answer: Hi dear , U should not wear any tablets when ur pregnent it is harmful to u and baby bettr to suggest doctor
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    Komal A835 days ago


Answer: Pls apply vicks / or any balm... Avoid taking medicine
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Question: I m suffering from headache .. plzzz suggest something..
Answer: Hello! Dont worry dear..try this remedy to get instant relief Use a Hot Compress Low blood circulation due to shrinking blood vessels can also cause headaches. A hot compress helps in alleviating the pain by expanding the blood vessels and increasing the blood flow to the brain. Tension headaches are better treated with a hot compress. Things needed for a hot compress 1. A clean towel 2. A bowl of hot watersoak the towel in the bowl of water
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Question: I am 3month pregnant.I am suffering from severe headache..Is it safe to take dolo650 tablet??
Answer: hi dear! yes you can take dolo .but you should see if during headaches if you are having photophonophobia like you dont want to hear or look at light when the pain occurs because it aggrevates the pain . as you will have to take tablet vasograin. so if you need to take this tablet then you need to visit your doctor . take care dear.
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Question: I m suffering from headache ... It is safe to take crocin tablet??
Answer: Hello! Please avoid taking any medicine without consulting the doctor. For headache you can try and neck and shoulders massage or simply take rest in a dark quiet room . Take care
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