22 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Today I m not feeling good...going to bathroom 3 times...anything problem to my baby

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Answer: There may not be an issue for baby, but it can make you dehydrated consult your doctor for medication and drink good amount of water.
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Question: Today, i am feeling heavy breathing, not liking to eat anything. Not feeling good :( what to do?
Answer: Good afternoon dear.. There is nothing to worry.. This is part of pregnancy only.. Try to pratice deep breathing, actually continue doing through out the pregnancy... Also have what ever you feel like having or take pickle and salads.. This will help you.. Take care dear
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Question: My baby today going to bothroom 3 times if any problem
Answer: Hello mom, your baby should pee in a day foer at least 6times, so your baby is not having milk properly, try to drink your baby more milk which will make your baby hydrate. But don't force your baby much., try to drinking more and in small quantity repetedly
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Question: M 8 month is going on today m not feeling any kicks is there anything to worry
Answer: Hi after about 35 weeks onwards, you are more likely to feel less movements, because your child is growing, and there is lead space left in the womb to make movements...
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