8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Today I hve taken my ultrasound. In my report there is sac which shows pregnancy bt I am worried bcz there is no cardiac activity plz tell me everything is ok with this condition

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Answer: Hi dear... Nothing to worry as its just 8 weeks that is 2 months...sac is present and seen and cardiac activity ll be present mostly in ur 3rd scan only...
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Question: My last lmp date 28 october... today i got my ultrasound done... bt no cardiac activity is felt... i m vry much worried.. plz suggest what to do
Answer: Sorry to say but in 11weeks of pregnancy if the Dr didn't find cardiac activity of fetus it's that your pregnancy will discontinue same happened with me dear still I will pray to God in case some times heartbeat will be visible later
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Question: What is the meaning of cardiac activity because my ultrasound report shows that cardiac activity just shown what's its means plz tell
Answer: Hi dear, INR USD cardiac activity means your baby's heart rate. The first important organ that a baby developed in mother womb is heart. So, a proper Heartbeat or cardiac activity indicates a healthy pregnancy.
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Question: hii...yesterday I was done my last ultrasound which shows i have fundo.posterior placenta with grade 3..is everything ok with this report or anything to be tensed.
Answer: There is nothing to be worried. Everything is normal.
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Question: Internal sonography shows 6 week 2 days...there is foetal pole but no heartbeat..and no cardiac activity...is this misscarriege ..pls ans. M so worried..
Answer: Hello dear, It is absolutely normal and please donot worry.It is too early to feel or see any cardiac activity at 6 weeks and 2 days. U are not able to get the heartbeat of baby so early. In fact, during the first 10 weeks of pregnancy, fetal heart rate is almost always confirmed as i too did not get my baby's heartbeat but doctor called me again after some weeks and then i got it. So, don't worry and please rescan after few weeks.
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