16 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Today I feel very uncomfortable to sit y this happened to me

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Question: I feel uncomfortable to sit on the floor
Answer: I,this is possible as already the body muscles are stretched and by sitting down they stretch more.so don't worry.but don't sit down.it will trouble you more take care.all the best.
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Question: Whenever I eat anything after dat I feel uncomfortable , It's not pain... Its something feels me uneasy ....restless.... Then after I feel vomit ... I can't sit or walk or lay down ..Its really very very uncomfortable . Plz suggest me something.
Answer: During pregnancy body changes a lot. Due to hormonal changes and increased level of pregnancy hormones ,the valve which separates oesophagus from stomach also relaxes and gastric acid enters into oesophagus causing burning sensation. It Is normal. So you have to take precaution for that. Eat small quantity at a time and eat every one or two hours. Avoid oily and spicy food. Do not go to bed immediately after having food, sit or stay upright already after one of having meal. You can chew sugar less chewing gum or releases saliva which can prevent acidity. A glass of cold milk can give you some relief. Drink a lot of water. Hope this helps.
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Question: Y always am getting urine burne during this time ..I feel very uncomfortable
Answer: Hey dear, congratulation for your pregnancy but burning sensation while passing urine is not at all a common symptom. I think you possibly suffering from UTI which you should check with your doctor. Drink plenty amount of water and eat a bowl of Yoghurt daily. This can help to some extent. You can apply coconut oil in your vagina to avoid more burning sensation. But do check with you doctor ok ,if left untreated UTI can harm your baby Take care.
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