16 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Today I done 2nd ultrasound in 14th weeks of pregnancy.. And it's showing 4.3cm foetus size.. What is the actual size in 14th weeks of pregnancy

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Answer: At 14 weeks of pregnancy your baby should be about 8.5 cms in length dear...
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    Neha Tuteja441 days ago

    But in today ultrasound it shows 4.3 CM.. What's d reasons and Wat should I do

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Question: Today is 2nd day of my missed period.i have done pregnancy test in home.but it's showing one line.but I have symptoms of pregnancy.that means I am not pregnant?
Answer: Hi,you should do urine pregnancy test after 8 days of missing your previous to get the accurate results however every woman does not get same pregnancy like symptoms should do not go completely only by symptoms
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Question: What is the normal ovary size in 14th weeks of pregnancy pls answer me
Answer: hi dear , at 14 weeks the size of the ovary is about 3.5 inches approximately. At this stage the baby weighs close to 50 grams and is at a rapid growth phase now.
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Question: What shoulb be the size of foetus in 7 weeks pregnancy??? What should be the normal heart beat???
Answer: Size will b like blueberry .4 to 5mm long..... And heart beat will be 140 to 160bts/min
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