12 weeks pregnant mother

Question: To take care of baby from jaundic what should i do in my pregnancy

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Question: What care should i take in 8th month of pregnancy??
Answer: Hello, I'm happy to help. This is the time when your baby is taking the final shape and you experience tremendous pressure around your lower back. Most women experience physical symptoms like constipation, bloating, indigestion, headaches, dizziness, leg cramps, nasal congestion, hot flashes etc. Your estrogen levels increase and your pelvis expands to accommodate the growing baby. Here is a list of 8 months pregnancy precautions  Do not stand for long Stay active. Listen to your body Sleep Visit the doctor regularly. Take care.
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Question: What care should i take in 7th month of pregnancy?
Answer: Hii Dos during pregnancy  are below  Get regular check ups.  This is very necessary to check about ur baby growth . Consume plenty of water. As it will keep u save from stomach issue as well for amonotic fluid u are needed to stay hydrated.Get enough exercise.  it will keep u active and save u from back and leg pain. It also makes u ready for normal delivery.Get plenty of proteins. protein is one of the most important neutrient for baby and u.Consume iron rich food as lack of this can led to undeveloped body parts if baby and also make u anemic.eat green vegetables ,seeds, milk products broccoli lentils.Practice positive thinking. this play an important role as being happy is the key of healthy pregnancy.  Should be careful while driving (Better to avoid) Listen to pleasant music. it will boost u up and keep ur baby happy. Practice breathing techniques. Consume enough fresh fruits. Add lots of green veggies and dry fruits.  Don't during pregnancy are Don't Smoke/ drink alcohol. Avoid drugs. Don‘t get in contact with reptiles. Avoid over the counter drugs. Don‘t expose yourself with any kind of pesticides.   Don‘t bend with straight legs.   Don't lift any heavy objects,  Don't overuse stair case.  Don‘t over strain with too many exercises.  Avoid negative thoughts, surroundings.  All the best. 
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Question: i m pregnant its my first month ....what should i do to take care of myself nd my baby
Answer: Hello! A healthy diet during pregnancy ensure that your baby gets the best start possible. Include foods such as whole milk or skimmed milk, yogurt, buttermilk, cheese, cottage cheese (paneer) include pulses, dals, cereals, nuts and whole grains in your everyday diet to make up for your body’s requirement of protein. Include lots of fresh fruits and vegetables in your everyday diet as it will help you gain your body’s required amount of fiber, vitamins and minerals. Drink as much water and liquids as you can through the day. You can simply have clean and filtered water throughout the day, or sip on infused water with fresh fruits.
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