23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: To much pain in vagina wt can i do

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Answer: Hello dear. If you have Vaginal pain that isn't accompanied by other symptoms or bleeding is perfectly normal. This is due to the growing of the fetus. Few remedies are Perform a few pelvic exercises, like pelvis tilts and rolls with the permission of your gynecologist. Try relaxing in a soothing bath with warm water (not hot). Avoid sudden movements if possible. Take care.
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Question: m 16week pregnant ..so much pain in my throat ...wt can i do?? pls suggest me..
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy I can understand how tough it must be for you now. Throat pain can be reduced with following precautions. Drink only warm water, cover your ears always as air exposure increases pain a lot, drink only warm liquids. Warm water with salt gargle is good for it. A decoction of ginger, pepper, shonti, basil and turmeric taken twice a day will give you relief very soon. If fever starts or any other symptoms appear contact doctor. Take care
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Question: Mam left side pain on vagina wt to do
Answer: I don't worry it is completely normal it is due to the pressure of the baby as a baby is pushing down it is called as growing pains you should sit down on the bed with the legs up it will help you give relief while sleeping keep the pillow between the legs which will also have to give you comfort
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Question: I have too much pain in souls.. Wt can I do
Answer: Hi.. Dear dip your feet in luke warm water, with little salt added in it.. It will give you some comfort.. Practice it regularly got about a week, before going to bed.. It will give you relief..
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