23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: To day i have tiffa scan i got like echogenic foci in lv in fetal thorax heart ..what it mean any obnormal ..what the cause behind it..

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Answer: hi dear! echogenic foci is nothing to worried about in the heart dear. its a normal variant and it does not mean that there is any abnormality in the heart . and these will appear in the mid pregnancy and wont go away before delivery but it will cause not trouble to the baby so you dont have to worry . just with the help of scans we should just see the status of it. the cause for this is unknown and this means that there is a bright spot seen in the left ventricle of the heart. so dont be bother about this dear. take care.
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    venkat nerrella199 days ago

    Thank you mam!!but small doubt i hear that some times it may cause down synodrome and some side effects ..is it..any dangerous ..pls explain mam.as bcz my dctr has not told any thing about dis...is i nedd to go any doublemarker scan..

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Question: Today was my target scan nd doctor has written echogenic foci seen in LV what does it actually mean.
Answer: Hi dear. It means small calcium deposits on the muscles of baby's heart. Mostly it doesn't cause any health issues. Don't worry
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Question: Echogenic focus seen in tiffa scan what does it mean?
Answer: Hi dear, echogenic focus is mild clacification in baby's heart which doesn't interfere with fetal cardiac activity and will resolve by itself at the time of birth. Hope it helps.
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Question: Intra cardiac echogenic foci. 4mm in anomaly scan. Is this cause any problem to baby
Answer: Hi Echogenic foci is usually seen as a bright spot on the ultrasound scan.It represents mineralisation of cardiac muscles.It usually leads to no health problems if the mother has no associated risk factors.However it could be an indication of congenital heart defects or downs syndrome for which your doctor may advise certain additional screen test to rule it out.
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