19 weeks pregnant mother

Question: This is my first pregnancy i am 165cm height and 98 kg weight how much weight can i gain during pregnancy. Also when i can feel baby movements ?

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Answer: Hi, in your first pregnancy you may get lot of qs. Ie - your weight is 60 kg normally at bfre pregnancy. At the tym of pregnancy you should increase 10-12kgs gradually. Avoid maida, outside foods, junk foods, don't use more oil in food. Daily eat pomo, banana, citrus fruits, nuts - badam -3, pista -3, apricot -1, fig - 1. These are mandatory for baby growth. After 4 and half month you may feel yur bab movement slightly, in your 6 month you get continuous lot of kicks from yur baby.
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Question: Hi!!! This is my first time pregnancy.. From when can I feel the baby's movements?
Answer: I know its worrisome if your stop feeling movement of baby if you don't feel the movement for more than 4-6 hrs then its good to raise alarm. Some gentle tricks you may use to get a response from the baby: Change position, especially lying on my back or belly briefly. Eat something sweet, then wait a few minutes. Listen to music, my son never kicked harder than when the song plays on TV! Press on one side of my belly, and see if the baby presses back. Drink an icy cold glass of water to wake him up!
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Question: I want to know how much weight should I gain during second trimester as I am much worried. I am checking my weight regularly but there is no improvement till now after first trimester. And also when should I feel the baby movements...??19th week is about to over.
Answer: Dear if you are healthy weight range before becoming pregnant ,ideally you should gain weight between 11.5 to 16kg in total pregnancy.in 2nd trimester you should gain 1.5-2kg per month.Baby movements inside the uterus called quickening movements. You will be able to feel as kicking, gas bubbles, flicking, tickling movements. If it your 1st pregnancy you will able to feel Movements between 18-24 weeks, sometimes later also.take care
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Question: I am 11 weeks pregnant, height 5 feet, weight 67 kg, how can control my over weight during pregnancy time??
Answer: Dear there is no need to control the weight because in pregnancy you are supposed to gain weight.. it's not only your weight but your baby's weight, fluid around baby and placenta weight is also included. So please don't do anything and just eat healthy and stay hydrated...
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