32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: This is my 31 week...me & my husband week me ek baar kabhi kabhi intimate ho jate hai...but we do sex in left side position from back...after that I feel fresh....but baby ko koi harm to nahi hoga na coz of this...plz suggest

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Answer: Dear.. Just khyal rakhe ki stomach peh koi pressure nehi ana chahiye.. Uska alaba koi aur problem nehi hoga dear.. Tension mat kijiye.
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    Priyanka Malandkar404 days ago

    Thanku so much

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Question: I want to sleep right or left side .....but i not feel comfort in this position....I feel comfort straight sleeping ....is it harm my baby
Answer: Hello dear, dont worry...all these are something that all pregnant women do as we are all so used to lying down on our back while resting...as long as you are making conscious efforts to sleep on your left side all is ok... don't worry...as sleeping for short durations on your back doesn't harm the baby...but sleeping on the left side also improves blood circulation to your heart and allows for the blood to flow to the fetus, uterus..you can change sides while sleeping..left or right side is absolutely fine.. just don't sleep on your back for a long time...
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Question: 11 weeks ki pregnancy hai.. but kuch feel hi nahi hota.. kabhi kabhi left side me pain hota hai.. plz suggest all is well Na Please
Answer: Hello! yes everything is fine..dont worry..You should feel your baby's first movements, called "quickening," between weeks 16 and 25 of your pregnancy. If this is your first pregnancy, you may not feel your baby move until closer to 25 weeks.
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Question: 23 weeks pregnant.. mujhe right side sone me aaram hota hai.lekin suna h left side sona achaa hota baby or mother ke liye... pr mujhe left side sone me sAas lene me kabhi kabhi taklif hoti hai or na me jayda der left side soo pati hu... ek side sone se baby ka position me kuch problem toh nhi hoga..?? ya koi or problem..??
Answer: Hello Side sleeping be it right or left is good as u are comfortable. Sleeping on the right side can increase hurt burns so left side is suggested as the baby gets more space. U can sleep on the right it's absolutely safe.
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