8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: This 2month of my pregnancy I consult a doctor they prescrib me another tablets from next morning i had been vomiting couples of time, is it normal or I should consult doctor immediately. If it is normal tell me some home remedies to avoid vomits.

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Answer: Try eating many small meals like dry toast, biscuits etc.Avoid heavy greasy food. Stay hydrated. If the vomitting is beyond control and inhibiting you from doing daily chores please report this to doctor immediately
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Question: I am 14th week pregnancy.. Today morning , I had the carrot and coconut water .. After some time , i had vomiting.. In last i found some blood .. Is there any sign ? Do i need consult doctor immediately?
Answer: I he vomitting is normal dear. The blood stains can be due to the force of vomitting . Drink warm water. It will be healed quickly
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Question: I had a normal delivery.. It's been 2.5months.. M suffering from piles.. Pls give me some home remedies
Answer: Avoiding constipation and straining when you go to the toilet is important not only for your comfort, but because it puts less strain on your pelvic floor muscles. Sometimes constipation can lead to complications including: hemorrhoids (also known as piles) in pregnancy, caused by straining to have a bowel movement and/or anal fissures (tears in the skin around the anus) caused when hard stools stretch the sphincter muscle. Hemorrhoids and fissures may cause some bleeding.  Treating and preventing constipation in pregnancy There are many things you can do to avoid problems with constipation. Drink plenty of water. Include plenty of fibre in your diet by eating foods like wholemeal bread, wholegrain breakfast cereals, rice and pasta, fruit and vegetables, and pulses such as beans and lentils. Exercise regularly to keep your muscles toned up. Avoid iron supplements if they cause constipation - talk to your doctor about whether you need to continue iron supplements or change to a different type. Other drugs, such as some antacids, can make constipation more likely so it’s worth checking with your doctor if you take regular medication. Your doctor or midwife can suggest suitable treatments during pregnancy. Diet for preventing constipation Wholegrain bread, pasta, rice and breakfast cereals contain vitamins and minerals as well as fibre. It may feel strange eating brown pasta to start with, or getting used to wholemeal bread, but it can make a difference.  If you continue to suffer from constipation, prunes, figs or dried apricots can help. Vegetables such as beetroot and spinach can help, but it’s best not to eat them more than once a day as they contain a substance which prevents the body absorbing calcium.
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Question: I have dry cough . Give some home remedies. Already using hot water .i consult doctor and she said no need of takibg medicine.pls suggest some home remedies.
Answer: Hello dear, If your cough is harmless, you can try the remedies and tips mentioned here. But remember, the tips here will only help ease the symptom and will not cure the cause. For that, you need a health care professional. Drink plenty of fluids. Keeping your body hydrated is paramount during pregnancy. So drink a lot of water, which will help control a case of  cough too. Try drinking lukewarm water with lemon to find relief from a cough. Another great way to soothe an irritated throat and cough is honey. Add some honey to warm water and drink it...cough drops are ever popular and an easy method of cough control. Ask your doctor to recommend a good, pregnancy safe cough drop to find relief.....Sleeping during pregnancy, especially when you are suffering from a cough, can be tough. Try to elevate your head with pillows to help you deal with a pregnancy and dry cough induced insomnia. Dust, strong odors (perfumes), cleaning products, etc. can all cause a cough and should be avoided. Your immune system needs a boost when you are pregnant. So, fill your menu with immune strengthening foods. Try adding orange juice to your diet, which contains vitamin C and can strengthen your immune system. I hope it helped... Take care urself....
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