32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: The kick is very less of my foetus .im 31 week pregnant

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Answer: Hi dear baby is having a different mood just like us.sometimes baby is very active sometime sleepy sometimes pathetic and sometimes excited. So there must be 10 movement in 2 hours. Have a glass of cold juice and lay down left if u have doubt of baby movement and still if u don't get then consult doctor.
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Question: Hi everyone, my wife is now 31 week pregnant. She feels less appetite these days, she eats less compared to second trimester. Is that normal?
Answer: Its Common to feel less hungry as the growing uterus creating pressure on stomach. But it is also not good to keep tummy empty. She should take small meals after every 2-3 hours interval and in her regular diet milk and other dairy products, dry fruits, non veg, beans, lentils should be in large portion. Hope it helps.
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Question: Hi I'm 31 week pregnant and feeling less movement of baby?
Answer: Hello dear if you are not taking proper diet than you can feel less moment. Now you Should eat at every 2-3 hour. Now baby need complete nutrition. .
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Question: My wife is 31 week pregnant. The baby's weight is 1.7 kg. Is that normal. Please suggest.
Answer: Hello dear according to 31 week of pregnancy your baby weight is normal . No need to worry you are taking good diet.
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