38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Tense abdomen feel like yesterday. Is it due to term ?

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Question: 37 weeks started only from yesterday. Since then feeling abdomen skin is tense. Y is it so?
Answer: Hi dear, It could be due to false labor.women in final trimester frequently experiences tightness of tummy.and it stays for sometime and then relaxes on its own.it is also known as Braxton and Hicks contractions.they are harmless.its body's way of preparing you for your actual labor.
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Question: Hello mam having stretching like discomfort in the lower abdomen sometimes , experiencing since yesterday. What should be done...is it serious or due to gas
Answer: It may b due to stretching or round ligament pain.. it's quite normal in this stage
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Question: I feel movement of baby at lower abdomen badly due to which always feel like toilet.. Little worried
Answer: Hie Don't worry Frequent urination is more of due to pressure by your growing baby on bladder Soon your body will adjust to changes and this would submit on it's own
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