3 months old baby

Question: Tear duct block problem ko kaise theek krte hai. Kya kro

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Answer: Hi, dear baby ko tear duct ka problem hai aur usme blockage hai to aap please baby ko pediatrician ke paas leke jaiye uske liye koi medicine nahi diya jata hain par ek massage kiya jata hai eyes ke corner pe to clear the blocked ducts Aur ek saal tak ki umar mein yeh pura thik ho jata hai .. Hope this helps
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    Arti Batra830 days ago

    Massage se thok ho jata hai kya

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Question: My baby girl is 4 months old she has tear duct block what should I do
Answer: Hello, Actully some times the blocked tear ducts actually clear up completely on their own without any treatment at all. In the meantime, you can use these simple ways to help clear up blocked tear ducts at home. Use a warm compress Every few hours, when the drainage builds up, warm up a clean and soft washcloth or cotton ball with water and gently clean the eye. You can apply gentle pressure to the tear duct and wipe from the inside of the duct to the outside, so you don't wipe anything into the eye. If both of your baby's eyes are clogged, use a different, clean side of the washcloth or new cotton ball before wiping the other eye. Apply tear duct massage To help open the tear duct and empty it out, ask a doctor to demonstrate how to do tear duct massage. Essentially, you can apply gentle pressure between the ducts, alongside of the upper nose to try to help them clear. You can perform the duct massage up to two times a day, but remember that it's very important to be as gentle as possible
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Question: how to cure block tear duct?baby is 3 month and 19 days old..kindly sugest treatment for this block tear duct.
Answer: Massage around that area with washed hand as if ur trying to remove dirt from eye... This will open up. U can watch videos on YouTube for clearer idea... Most babies have their tear ducts block.. But with massage it should open
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Question: Tear duct block problem in new born baby
Answer: Hello! There is nothing to worry about blocked tear duct. It is normal in newborns. Take a bowl of luke warm water and with a cotton clean the eyes of the baby. Also keep a clean cloth to wipe off the tears if any. Take care
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